Elvis Presley

Prices: price is pro-rated by quantity, as low as $3.50 each! Photos are $5.00 each when you buy any 10 photos, $4.00 each when you get any 25 pictures, one photo for $10.00.

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11x14 sepia toned prints

ST-151 Elvis
11x14 sepia toned print
ST-194 Elvis
11x14 sepia toned print
ST-199 Elvis
11x14 sepia toned print
ST-203 Elvis
ST-207 Elvis
11x14 sepia toned print
ST-234 Elvis, Jailhouse Rock

Color Prints

182-040 Elvis in a Phone Booth
11x14 color print
182-041 Elvis portrait
11x14 color print
182-048 Elvis
8x10 color print
182-049 Elvis
11x14 color print
182-159 Elvis in It Happened At the World's Fair

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