Myth and Faerie.

Robert Holdstock:
Mythago Wood:
Marion Zimmer-Bradley:
The Mists of Avalon:
The Forest House:
Mercedes Lackey:
The Knight of Ghosts and Shadows:
James Herbert:
Magic Cottage:
Raymond E. Feist:
Faerie Tale:
R.A. MacAvoy:
The Grey Horse:
Pamela Dean:
Tam Lin:
Charles DeLint:
Harp of the Grey Rose:
Into the Green:
The Riddle of the Wren:
C.J. Cherryh:
The Dreamstone:
The Tree of Swords and jewels:

Mythago Wood

The Mists of Avalon

The Knight of Ghosts and Shadows

Faerie Tale

Tam Lin



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