Robert Jordan:
The Wheel of Time Series: This series spoiled me for any other epic fantasy. I think it's the best series in this genre that I ve ever read.
Book One: The Eye of the World: This is the beginning of it all. I bought this book in paperback at the local grocery store in 1990. Who would have thought that the series would begin a movement...
Book Two: The Great Hunt: This book was a nice tie-in between books one and three. A lot happened that set the stage for further events in later books.
Book Three: The Dragon Reborn: In this book Egwene, Nynaeve, and Elayne pretend to be Aes Sedai and head off toward Tear. This book is full of adventure. This is also the book that introduces Aiel characters that become important to the storyline.
Book Four: The Shadow Rising: This book takes place mainly in the Aiel Waste. Rand is declared the Cair a Cairn, and Egwene is apprenticed to the Wise Ones.
Book Five: The Fires of Heaven:
Book Six: Lord of Chaos:
Book Seven: A Crown of Swords:
Book Eight: The Path of Daggers: This was the long awaited (2.5 years) addition to the series. I was disappointed because I was hoping for a resolution to the cliff-hanger at the end of A Crown of Swords, and there wasn't any mention of the fate of Mat Cauthon. Let's hope that the next book comes out soon!
Book Nine: Winter's Heart: Finally! It's beginning to seem like forever between books now. Maybe it's because I've been reading this series for eleven years now. My husband just started reading the series last year, and he's now done with Winter's Heart. Lots of things were tied up in this book, and a lot of things were begun...eeek! At least I know the fate of Mat. I'm biting my nails in anticipation of the next book.
Tad Williams:
Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn:
Book One: The Dragonbone Chair:
Book Two: Stone of Farewell:
Book Three: To Green Angel Tower:
David Eddings:
The Belgariad Series:
Book One: Pawn of Prophecy:
Book Two: Queen of Sorcery:
Book Three: Magician's Gambit:
Book Four: Castle of Wizardry:
Book Five: Enchanters' Endgame:
J.R.R. Tokien:
Raymond E. Feist:
The Riftwar Saga:
Book One: Magician I and II:
Book Two: Silverthorn:
Book Three: A Darkness at Sethanon:
The Kelewan Series (with Janny Wurtz):
Book One: Daughter of the Empire:
Book Two: Servant of the Empire:
Book Three: Mistress of the Empire:
General Midkemia Books:
Prince of the Blood:
The King' Buccaneer:
The Serpentwar Saga:
Book One: Shadow of a Dark Queen:
Book Two: Rise of a Merchant Prince:
Book Three: Rage of a Demon King:
Book Four: Shards of a Broken Crown:
Stephen R. Donaldson:
The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant: This is an interesting series, with a not so likeable anti-hero.
Book One: Lord Foul's Bane:
Book Two: The Illearth War:
Book Three: The Power That Preserves:
The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant:
Book One: The Wounded Land:
Book Two: The One Tree:
Book Three: White Gold Wielder:
Mordant's Need:
Volume One: The Mirror of Her Dreams:
Volume Two: A Man Rides Through:

The Eye of the World

The Shadow Rising

The Dragon Reborn

Lord of Chaos

The Path of Daggers

The Dragonbone Chair

Pawn of Prophecy

Magician: Apprentice

Daughter of the Empire

Shadow of a Dark Queen

The Mirror of Her Dreams

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