Murder Mystery/Detective Fiction.

Faye Kellerman:
The Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus Novels:
Book One: The Ritual Bath:
Book Two: Sacred and Profane:
Book Three: Milk and Honey:
Book Four: The Shadow Rising:
Book Five: Day of Atonement:
Book Six: False Prophet:
Book Seven: Grevious Sin:
Book Eight: Sanctuary:
Book Nine: Justice:
Book Ten: Prayers For the Dead:
Book Eleven: Serpent's Tooth:
Book Twelve: Jupiter's Bones:
Moon Music:
Patricia Cornwell:
The Kay Scarpetta Series:
Book One: Postmortem:
Book Two: All That Remains:
Book Three: Cruel and Unusual:
Book Four: The Body Farm:
Book Five: From Potter's Field:
Book Six: Cause of Death:
Book Seven: Unnatural Exposure:
Hornet's Nest:
Lilian Jackson Braun:
The Cat Who series:
Book One: The Cat Who Could Read Backwards:
Book Two: The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern:
Book Three: The Cat Who Turned On and Off:
Book Four: The Cat Who Saw Red:
Book Five: The Cat Who Played Brahms:
Book Six: The Cat Who Played Post Office:
Book Seven: The Cat Who Knew Shakespeare:
Book Eight: The Cat Who Sniffed Glue:
Book Nine: The Cat Who Went Underground:
Book Ten: The Cat Who Talked to Ghosts:
Book Eleven: The Cat Who Lived High:
Book Twelve: The Cat Who Knew a Cardinal:
Book Thirteen: The Cat Who Moved a Mountain:
Book Fourteen: The Cat Who Wasn't There:
Book Fifteen: The Cat Who Came to Breakfast:
Book Sixteen: The Cat Who Blew the Whistle:
Book Seventeen: The Cat Who Said Cheese:
Book Eighteen: The Cat Who Tailed a Thief:
Book Nineteen: The Cat Who Saw Stars:
The Cat Who Had Fourteen Tales:
Sue Grafton:
The Kinsey Milhone Series:
A is For Alibi:
B os For Burglar:
C is For Corpse:
D is For Deadbeat:
E os For Evidence:
F is For Fugitive:
G is For Gumshoe:
H os For Homicide:
I is For Innocent:
J is For Judgement:
K os For Killer:
L is For Lawless:
M os For Malice:
N is For Noose:
O is For Outlaw:
P.D. James:
The Adam Dalgliesh Mysteries:
Unnatural Causes:
The Black Tower:
Devices and Desires:
The Cordelia Gray Book:
An Unsuitable Job For a Woman:
Mary Higgins Clark:
All Around the Town:
Loves Music, Loves to Dance:
Where Are the Children?:
Moonlight Becomes You:
The Anastasia Syndrome (Collection):
Remember Me:
I'll Be Seeing You:
Jonathan Lethem:
Gun, With occasional Music:
Carl Hiaasen: Carl Hiaasen's books are a serious romp through a strange and twisted dimension...
Sick Puppy:
Skin Tight:

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