Science Fiction: General and Cyberpunk.

General Science fiction:
Frank Herbert:
The Dune Series: I can't remember all the books off the top of my head and James e-mailed me to remind me that I didn't put the Dune series on the site and now I have---finally!!! I know it took a long time, but now it's partially done! :-)
Jonathan Lethem:
Gun, With Occasional Music:
Alan Dean Foster:
The Man Who Sold the Universe:
Into the Out Of:
Mad Amos:
Glory Lane: This is by far my most favorite Alan Dean Foster book. The meaning of the universe
Larry Niven and Jerry Pournell:
The Mote in God's Eye, published in 1973.
The Gripping Hand, published in 1995. The long awaited sequel to "The Mote in God's Eye".
Lucifer's Hammer, published in 1973. One of the best end of the world scenarios I've ever read. I wish that the movie powers that be would just make a movie of this book and do away with all the other "comet/asteroid strikes Earth crap" that"s been on the bigscreen in recent years.
The Legacy of Heorot (with Steven Barnes):
Beowolf's Children (with Steven Barnes):
Oath of Fealty:
John Varley:
The Titan Series:
Book One:Titan:
Book Two:Wizard:
Book Three:Demon:
Steven King:
The Stand: This is, of course, the best "end of the world" book I have ever read. The plot is really good and cohesive, and the characters are well drawn and fleshed. Also, it is the only book in it's genre to incorporate the use of bicycles as transportation.
The Tommyknockers:
Hard Science Fiction/Cyberpunk:
William Gibson:
Neuromancer, published in 1984. The word cyberspace came from this book.
Bruce Sterling:
Heavy Weather: A renegade team of storm chasers is looking for the mother of all tornadoes: and F-6.
Holy Fire:

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