Science Fiction Movies & TV Shows.

The Alien Series:
The first and second movies are sci-fi classics in their own right. The third anf fourth, though, I wasn't that hot about. Sigourney Weaver was our first true action heroine!
Repo Man:
This is a movie that is so classically great that filmakers watch it to learn how to make films. If you haven't seen it because you think it might be a dumb movie (Emilio Estevez is great in this one!), you have soooo deluded yourself. Rent it.
The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai:
It's an interesting silly name for a movie, but this is one of the great classics of sci-fi film. This movie has a all star cast. Rent it if you can find it.
The Star Wars Trilogy:
What more can I say about this? I waited in line seven times to see Star Wars at the 41st Avenue Playhouse when I was thirteen.
The Phantom Menace:
Episode one of the Star Wars series. Paul and I went to the midnight showing in Viginia, MN. The place was full of rowdy drunks. It was fun, though. I did enjoy the movie, but I felt that the actors didn't flesh out their characters enough.
The Terminator:
I refused at first to see this movie, thinking that it was just another guy movie. I'm glad that I finally went, though.
Terminator 2:
If it's possible, this one was better than the first one. Also, Linda Hamilton showed us that we can be sexy with iron hard muscles.
I think I chewed my fingernails (all of them) below the quick during this movie. God! The suspense nearly killed me. The second movie wasn't as good.
TV Shows:
Star Trek:
If I didn't put this here, how much hate e-mail would I get? I really do/did enjoy Star Trek. I always have. One of my favorite episodes was the one with Finigan. Another was the one with the three women and the gelatin pills. Oh, and Troubles With Tribbles. And the Friendly Angel one....
Dr. Who:
British sci-fi never looked so good. I really like to watch Dr. Who. Especially during Pledge Drive Season when they would stage Dr. Who marations.
Buck Rogers:
Okay, so I'm a closet Buck Rogers fan--well, not anymore. I've been outed, I suppose. What a funky TV show!
Battlestar Galactica:
I can swear with much assurity that there were only three episodes to the whole show. And I've seen each and every one!
The X-Files:
What website would be complete without mention of this show. I will deny all involvent with the powers that are trying to keep Scully and Mulder in the dark, though. I wasn't there.

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