Sword and Sorcery.

Barbara Hambly:
The Sunwolf and Starhawk Series:
Book One: The Ladies of Mandrigyn:
Book Two: The Witches of Wenshar:
Book Three: The Dark Hand of Magic:
The Windrose Chronicles:
Book One: The Silent Tower:
Book Two: The Silicon Mage:
Book Three: Dog Wizard:
Stranger At the Wedding:
The Darwath Trilogy:
Book One: The Time of the Dark:
Book Two: The Walls of Air:
Book Three: The Armies of Daylight:
The Sun-Cross Series:
Book One: Rainbow Abyss:
Book Two: The Magicians of Night:
Julie Dean Smith:
A Caithan Crusade: This is a fun series, but it's out of print and hard to find. If you can locate these, enjoy them.
Book One: Call of Madness:
Book Two: Mission of Magic:
Book Three: Sage of Sare:
Robert E. Vardeman and Geo. W. Proctor:
The Swords of Raemllyn Series: This series actually looks like a major cheese-fest, but it is one of the best (and hardest to find) series in it's genre. Also, Robert E. Vardeman e-mailed me a few years ago to let me know that he has a new book out, or a re-print, or...I'm so sorry, I can't find the e-mail. Search on Amazon.com for his name.
Book One: To Demons Bound:
Book Two: A Yoke of Magic:
Book Three: Blood Fountain:
Book Four: Death's Acolyte:
Book Five: The Beasts of the Mist:
Book Six: For Crown and Kingdom:
Asa Drake:
The Bloodsong Series: This series looks heinous and cheesy, but it's really not. I bought the first book at a grocery store somewhere in 1985. It was soooo good, I hunted for the other two. The covers of the original paperbacks are by Boris Vallejo. The series is out of print now, but if you can find it in a used bookstore, go for it! Thanks to Asa Drake for his e-mail a couple of years ago.
Book One: Warrior Witch of Hel:
Book Two: Death Riders of Hel:
Book Three: Werebeasts of Hel:


The Bride of the Rat God

The Time of the Dark

Stranger at the Wedding

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