Vampire Fiction.

Laurell K. Hamilton:
Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: This series is extremely reader friendly.
I started with book 4, and didn't feel lost at all.
That's great! A really big plus.
Book One: Guilty Pleasures:
Book Two: The Laughing Corpse:
Book Three: Circus of the Damned:
Book Four: The Lunatic Cafe: This was the first book I read in the series (I found it at a book sale somewhere...), and it hooked me!
Book Five: Bloody Bones:
Book Six: The Killing Dance:
Book Six: Obsidian Butterfly: This was a little different from the rest of the series. I want to know what happens next, but now I have to wait for the next book....Pout!
Anne Rice:
The Vampire Chronicles: This series is so intricate. I was sucked (no pun intended) in from page one.
Book One: Interview With the Vampire:
Book Two: The Vampire Lestat:
Book Three: Queen of the Damned:
Book Four: The Tale of the Body Thief:
Book Five: Memnoch the Devil:
Nancy Collins:
The Sonya Blue Collection: This is serious splatter-punk stuff.
Very gory-gross-me-out reading. But, as you can tell
by the list of titles I have read, that didn't deter me in the least. The storylines are
engrossing, and you want Sonya to mop the floor with the bad dudes each time she
has to do battle (which is often). Have your cheerleading outfit on hand while you read this series.
Sunglasses After Dark:
In the Blood:
Paint it Black:
A Dozen Black Roses:
Dan Simmons:
Children of the Night:
Brent Monahan:
The Blood of the Covenant:
Barbara Hambly:
Those Who Hunt the Night:
Travelling With the Dead:
Kim Newman:
Ano Dracula:
Bram Stoker:
Stephen king:
'Salem's Lot: This book really creeped me out; especially the part where the kid that was just made into a bllodsucker was levitating outside the window of his friend. Brrrrrr....The movie adaptation was very good for this book. It didn't wander from the actual plot.

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