Women Artists.

Ani DiFranco
Puddle Dive: This is my favorite Ani CD. Pick Yer Nose could, like, even be about me :-)
Out of Range
Not a Pretty Girl: I especially like 32 Flavors and Worthy on this one.
Not So Soft
Ani DiFranco
Up Up Up Up Up Up
More Joy, Less Shame
Living in Clip (Live double set): My next to favorite Ani CD. I love the
variations and reworking of the songs. A must have for any Ani fan.
Little Plastic Castles
Like I Said
Joni Mitchell
Blue: This is the ultimate Joni Mitchell album. I don t think that anything else comes close to the wonderfulness of this recording.
For the Roses
Ladies of the Canyon: This album is probably the most familiar to most folks. Big Yellow Taxi and Woodstock are on this one.
Court and Spark
Turbulent Indigo
Holly Cole:
Dark Dear Heart:
Don't Smoke in Bed:
It Happened One Night-6.28 (Live):
Patti Smith:
Gone Again:
Sarah McLachlan:
Laura Love:
Shum Ticky:
The Laura Love Collection (Putamayo):
Sandy Denny:
Gold Dust-Live at the Royalty: This is Sandy Denny's final concert. She died not long after.
Various Artists:
Lilith Fair-A Celebration of Women in Music:
Sinead O'Connor:
So Far:
I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got:
Suzanne Vega:
Nine Objects of Desire:
Alanis Morissette:
Jagged Little Pill:
Liz Phair:

Puddle Dive

Out of Range

Not A Pretty Girl

Living In Clip


Ladies of the Canyon

Court and Spark


Dont't Smoke In Bed

Dark Dear Heart

Dark Dear Heart

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